Friday, July 11, 2008


A young man who repeatedly shot at police during a two-hour pursuit between Rotorua and Waihi says his actions were "just a mistake inlife"(sic).

James Raymond Warren Samuells, 20, was shot by police after refusing to surrender and is a paraplegic as a result.

Yesterday, he made a sudden change of plea and admitted eight charges of using a firearm against police before a depositions hearing at the Tauranga District Court.

He also pleaded guilty to burglary and vehicle theft, and will now be sentenced in September. A charge of attempted murder was downgraded.


The only mistake was that our Police can't shoot for shit.

Last week, there was this one, a real Prince among scumbags - beat the shit out of his girlfriend, stole her car, stole petrol in a drive-off and then wrapped himself and the car around someone's house while they were in it.

The man who died when his car slammed into a house after a police pursuit in Palmerston North early yesterday was Peter Joseph Kotsifakis, of Levin.

The 18-year-old failed to stop for police after driving away from a Palmerston North service station without paying just before midnight on Saturday.

Police said he had been involved in a domestic incident earlier in the evening.

Detective Senior Sergeant Craig Sheridan said an 18-year-old woman, known to Mr Kotsifakis, had been admitted to Palmerston North Hospital with serious facial injuries, some time before midnight.


Want more low-lives on the run?

This one killed a police officer overnight...

A police officer was killed on duty this morning after being struck by a stolen car.

The Porirua officer, believed to be 40, was hit by a car after a pursuit in Titahi Bay, near Wellington, about 3am this morning.

Kapiti Mana area commander Inspector John Spence said the officer's death had "devastated" colleagues.

Serious crash investigators were at the scene on Dimock St, near the Downes St intersection.

Wellington district commander, Superintendent Pieri Munro, said the black Honda Prelude had been stolen and was later seen at Titahi Bay.

"Some spikes were laid for the vehicle to stop it and one of our police officers was struck in that context and died at the scene," he said.

Mr Munro said the car was being chased but details were still being gathered.


The before-the-fact cure for all 3 would have been abortion, no matter how righteously indignant one might feel about the subject.

So be careful out there, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean these wankers aren't, by default, out to get YOU, too. They are on our roads. Have a nice day :-)

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