Saturday, July 26, 2008

Going round in circles

We are having a storm, a weather bomb, a cyclone.

Lots of people have no power, some people have no trampolines. A few have no roof on their house and across the Upper North Island, random garden sheds have taken to the skies. We have been fortunate that, so far, our damage is confined to one bamboo length snapped off about 20 feet from the ground and I would be happy if things stayed that way.

I took these pics at the main Beach this afternoon. You know me; any excuse to get up close to a wild and raging sea. This one was better than nothing.

Now that was worth reading, eh! Tune in tomorrow and I'll tell you all about why you have the diseases and ailments you have.

I can't wait, either.

PS - there were surfers out in that this afternoon and it's been reported that 3 kayakers set out to paddle 30 odd kilometres from Maketu to the Mount in that sea, despite the Met Service warnings. One of them is still lost and the other two might be paying for the Search and Rescue operation they caused. Time will tell whether that story is accurate. Maybe it's a tough expensive life, being "human". It can come to a sudden halt, too. Death is a rather extreme consequence for making a mistake, as I'm sure Darwin would concur. I just feel sorry for the SAR people, risking their lives because others get themselves lost.

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