Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Condolences to Raewyn Garner and the families who have lost two children and another is left badly injured in Starship.

It was like any other Sunday for the Garner family _ Samantha and her friend Kayla Rose, both 14, would spend the evening with Mosaic Church at Mount Maunganui.

And just like every other Sunday, Samantha's older brother Joshua waited at home for a text from his sister, and would go and pick them up.

But last Sunday none of them made it home and now two families are planning funerals.

Mr Garner's Holden car hit a power pole just off the Maungatapu roundabout while heading towards State Highway 29 and Welcome Bay at 9.20pm.

Mr Garner died instantly and back seat passenger Kayla received massive head injuries in the crash.

Raewyn was the friend of one of my neighbours, back in my old married days and I occasionally see her around town.

H told me about the other teen passenger being in hospital the other day, she has since died.

Our thoughts are with you all.

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