Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I hate chain mail. I mean, I REALLY hate chain mail.

Rae told me a good way to deal with these wankers a bit at a time. She sent me a diatribe she had written about what scum they were, then printed it out and posted it, with no stamp, to all the names contained within the chain letter.

Bonus #1 - they get excited because there is mail being held at the post office
Bonus #2 - they get to pay twice the postage because it went without a stamp.
Bonus #3 - they get to see what dumb wankers they really are.

I love it - I got a chain letter today, and I have three stashed from a month ago. I might fire up the printer tomorrow...

Flattie rang very briefly tonight to tell me an item about MS was on TV.

And by gosh, he was right.

This one on Close Up.

Click the "LIfeline taken away link" to view it.

May 27, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis
At just 36 Jodi Kemp faces the prospect of having to live in a rest home or her husband may have to give up work and go on the dole to look after her because the government won't continue to fund home help. Jodi has one of the most aggressive forms of MS and for the last four years she has been in a wheelchair. Her husband works more than 12 hour days to provide for them both while Jodi is left at home but until now she has had a lifeline - Home Help for seven hours a week allows Jodi to live in the family home and be cared for. But suddenly she has been told she is not entitled to any help. A live interview with David Chrisp from the Ministry of Health and Neil Woodhams, Chairman of the MS Society.

Fav quote from the video?

"I'm 36 years old, I'm not ready to be shipped out yet".

I used to mostly feel like that, too. What a difference little differences make. Thanks for the call, Flattie.

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