Sunday, May 18, 2008

Arrr and arrghhhhhhhhh

R and R completed.

Too much nice food eaten.
Too much kindness extended.
Too much Runescape infection in all my teenagers all of a sudden.
Too many teenagers using MY computer. Hmmpff.
Too much bargain-hunting at the Seagull Shop.
Too much of my father in me.
Too much nostalgia as well.
Too much for Nush being made not only to use the dog-flap in the back door AND be manhandled into the Moo, but Mum forgot to stop for a widdle in the Gorge and she was really busting when we got home.

It's a shit life being a bitch. Believe me. Apparently that's what I am best at.

Perfection has its cost.

Happy 17th wedding anniversary to the Flatcats.

25 years today since Nana went.

Where do the years go? Can the rest go that fast, please? Or maybe a little faster? Sort of get it all over an done with?

Oh and here is my Refuge - in daylight. I adore it.

PS Too much humour value not to play Exaloo at Paeroa on the way home. I accosted a gentleman outside the Waihi loos yesterday as he climbed out of his Crossfire. I said I was hanging for one of those when I win Lotto and did it drive as nice as it looked? he said yes, it's nice and it's not really expensive.

It is on an Invalid's benefit, Sweetheart.

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