Friday, May 16, 2008


It's me.

Missed me? I bet you have. I've been doing stuff, like working out my own script for a horror movie involving a grape vine, a crop of ripe grapes and a couple of million bees. It goes like this: the grapes never got eaten (by people), so the bees took over and decimated the crop, ate little holes in every grape they could find. The birds had a go but the bees drove them off. Enter Human, who decides she wants to harvest a few more before they are all gone. She manages to find half a bucketful of untouched ones and then begins to systematically (I like that word, systematically) strip the remaining fruit off and throw them in a wheelbarrow. The bees are a bit slow, it takes them half an hour to realise that their stash is shrinking and now they are competing. A bit later, they start getting twitchy so the Human, fed up with bees landing on her and growling, scampers off and vows to come back later when the bees have gone to bed. Which she does. Morning comes, bees come and there isn't a grape to be found on the vine.

Greedy little fuckers.

I've been doping myself to the eyeballs earlier and earlier every night and snoozing on the couch in my Refuge until late, before attempting to go to bed and sleep properly. Hence my usual blogging times have become snoring times cos I'm too trashed and sad to give a crap.

The kids went to the TGC Senior Ball last weekend and, as usual, looked a million bucks together - H in ankle length strapless, backless, fitting black velvet and Woowiss in black suit, black shirt and white tie.

This weekend Ads and I are off to Thames for some R and R - you can decide for yourself what that means for me, but for Adam it means Railways and Rolling Stock.


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