Sunday, March 9, 2008

God's spinal tap

I am up early. This is not by choice - my new pills have failed me and it's too late (early) to have anything else to compensate, I'll never wake up on time and I have a busy day ahead.

It's been a busy few days, as well; we had a deluge of rain on Thursday night which the neighbours fucking tree kindly sent sheeting down our driveway, again (6th time? 7th? Lost count...) and through a bit of the bathroom, all of the laundry and H's room. H, being the quintessential messy, undisciplined, unmotivated and unrepentant teenage slob she is had 2 foot of clothes, sheets, towels, books, magazines, cups, plates, pens... in fact if you can think of it, she probably had it on her floor. The floor the floodwaters soaked into. Six large sacks of rubbish and 8 loads of washing later, she has a clear, dry floor; the laundry has a clean dry floor and the big cupboard in the bathroom has been tidied within an inch of its dark and miserable little existence. I should not have to clean a 17-year-old's room.

I have also been purging heavily to take advantage of the truck coming later today, the first time to remove the baby grand piano from upstairs (I can't watch it hanging off the Hi-Ab again, it makes me ill) and other assorted pieces of furniture because today is moving day for the oldies. The second time the truck comes its going to take away the last of the rubbish left over from Project Eden, hence making the most of it to purge the house of unnecessaries like wet magazines, clothes, crap... you get the idea. A Godsend, indeed, and such exquisite timing, too.

My lumbar puncture appointment arrived in the mail, for just over a week hence. A 1.30 appointment, home again by 5.30ish at the latest. Wonderboy doesn't know if he can drive me after all, its his daughters 20th birthday the same day (she lives in a galaxy city not far away) and it might clash - God knows what he was planning on doing on that Tuesday afternoon that wasn't work or driving me to hospital, but the Lady Flatcat will step into the breach, should it be required and be my Chauffeur. She is such a sweetie and so reliable. Thank God someone understands the concept of "priority".

On that note, I shall dribble off back to bed and see if I can manage a few more hours shut-eye; I think I'm going to need it.

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