Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Out of the mouths of babes

I've been pretty sick the last few days. It's been coming on for months as I continued to push and shove myself "out there" to be able to keep up with the section maintenance project and occasionally roaming the district with Wonderboy during the hot, summer days and long hot evenings. The sort of days that leave me gasping with pain at night on a regular basis. That's when I often used to post here, in the wee small hours, when pain was extreme and sleep impossible as I battled the night shift and the nightmare all alone.

According to Wonderboy, bloggers are sad, blogging is sad, it's all a waste of time. So I'm sad. He invited me to Facebook. I joined, I read, I read some more and completely failed to see how sending people virtual plants to virtually grow, virtual teddy bears, silly quiz invitations and virtually poking those on your friends list is more intellectually stimulating and a better utilisation of the waking hours than blogging. Hence, I de-activated my Facebook the other night. Cos it's fucking naff.

So, push finally came to shove and the crash came, new MS goodies jumped out of the bag to say "hello" and most of my lifeline to the real world disappeared from view - almost all of my MSN list stopped logging on, Wonderboy included. Even my doc is nowhere to be found - I have to wait until next week to see him because, as usual, he is on holiday when I have a flare up and need help.

Maybe it's time to pull up the tent pegs, stop (badly) acting the part of those who don't die that lonely death in the dark each and every night, forget about MSN and Facebook and sad-arse blogging and crawl back into my cave; with the Oldies moving out in the next week or so there will be no more lift going up and down the stairs, a new phone number (so no more bulk phone message taking duties), no more heavy feet stomping around above my head at 4am when I've finally got off to sleep (or listening for heavy bodies hitting the floor when the old girl does a dive off her sticks), no more random visitors banging on the front door, or smoke alarms going off when they cook upstairs, or any of a ton of other little annoyances that extended family communal living encompasses. I will have plenty of scope for lots of "me" time and sleep without interruptions from the real world apart from my own, inescapable responsibilities.

One of those responsibilities is taking it very hard that Mum is so sick at the moment - tonight he came and leaned down to me as I sat in my chair, put his arm around my shoulder and whispered quietly into my ear "You know, if I could, I'd take your MS for you" to which I replied "You know, I wouldn't let you do it".

What else could a mother say?

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