Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap of Faith

Now I don't know about you, but I have always been a little bemused by Leap Year. Not the physics of it, I'm not stupid (shaddup) and I understand the theory of it; more from a social perspective really.

I mean, lets face it, back in the dim-darks when we were still banging the rocks together and wrapping ourselves in furs to keep warm, it didn't matter whether the 67th day of Glurg fell on a Chiltek or a Brarg or a lavik later in Durg.


(I promise not to take up writing paleolithic novels about olden day sex, The Clan of the Cave Bear novels did that to the nth degree.)

So why does it matter now? No-one would live long enough to notice the loss of the occasional year every so often if we didn't have it. Hmm? Or does it really exist to offer women the option of proposing marriage to the man (or woman) they love?

You know, I thought of holding an Inaugural Leap Year Ball. But I haven't got a ballroom. Bugger. I could have invited people I don't like and told them all to go jump...

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PS Rocks and Furs eh; those Cavemen really had the moolah!

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