Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oddz tuff

I was just reading something and it really got me thinking. You hate that, don't you?

Well, I was reading this and then thinking what I would do with my last 60 minutes alive, seeing as how my eligibility to enter the Pearly Gates has likely already been decided by a large majority, and that I have been a good, kind, honest and chaste woman for some time now and deserve a little fun before I leave without fear of Divine Retribution, or a good telling-off.

So I will go with a few of these things, not necessarily in this order or experienced contiguously. Some might naturally overlap a lot bit.

Comfortably Numb
Condensed milk (hey, I'm a big kid, ok??)

Combine as desired and repeat liberally until dead. Or I wake up and find it was all a superb fantasy.

It sounded good there for a bit, eh...?

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