Friday, October 10, 2008

Yakety Yak

After the best part of 9 months volunteering his time, both as a general apron/hangar dogsbody and as a member of the Catalina restoration team at Classic Flyers NZ, Ads got his promised flight in one of the aircraft today - a Yak 52 and although the plane landed hours ago, he is still buzzing from his 30 minute jaunt. Around the Mount a couple of times, down the Main Beach, over Baypark stadium, across the harbour and around our house 3 or 4 times as we waved in the paddock, then with a quick waggle of the wings they were gone, back to the airport to practice a few touch and go landings and some twisty rolling stuff that made Ads glad he had the airsick bag within reach (just in case) and finally back to earth.

Sort of.

This is the plane he flew in today *

and this is some Yaks in Yaktion at Wings over Wairarapa **

He's hoping to hitch a ride in the Harvard, if there's a next time, I think it's his favourite. :-) ***

Lucky, happy wee bugger :-)

* Photo purloined from Classic FlyersNZ website
** Photo borrowed from Google
*** Mine, all mine

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