Sunday, September 7, 2008


The sore throat that needed Throaties (see last post), became something more sinister as Saturday spun into afternoon and necessitated a trip to the Doc, half a chemist shop and meningitis watch over a teenager with a bad throat infection, oral thrush and a temp at times of 39.8 degrees.

It's 1am and it looks like the medicines are all kicking in, I didn't have to sponge him down to 38.1 - he got there himself. He polished off half a glass of water and 3 spoons of "Pam's* Strawberry Thrill Instant Dessert" too.

I think it's safe to go to bed.

* - Not to be confused with my Pams, which are more of a Strawberry Coloured Instant Thrill Just Desserts and has a completely different smell and texture.

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