Friday, September 5, 2008

More than you paid for

I been stuck in bed all week with flu, you know aching, coughing, head pounding, nose running dead-on-ya-back flu, chewing on anti-Bs for the chest infection and slobbering down hot lemon, honey and aspirin drinks (with all the flesh left in), sleeping the days away and heating the wheat sacks all night. And then yesterday, Ads started coming down with it.

So, being the good mother I am (even if I'm not really fit to drive yet, I'm better than yesterday and there's not much choice when no-one gives a shit whether you are sick or well, not even your father who lives less than a kilometre away) I went off to the local run down dive little supermarket, where they are giving it a facelift which makes getting around it interesting, to buy Throaties for da boy only to be confronted with a demolition skip right outside packed full of stainless steel - display trolleys and shelves and sheets of heavy gauge stainless mesh that would be nicely Cocky and Ruby proof and on my way back out I stopped, looked, fumbled with my cellie to call Glorious and tell her when this guy comes along, says to some bloke having a smoke not far away "oi, what's happening to this lot" to which this bloke replies "take what you want away" and BOOM, suddenly 6 large sheets of heavy gauge, cockatoo-proof stainless steel mesh are walking up the footpath.

I put the phone away and got my beady little eyes on, eventually finishing up with two upright stainless steel display units poking a metre out the back of my car (one of which is a corner unit) and 8 big steel baskets for the garden. I'll take a pic tomorrow, if I remember. Now all I gotta do is figure out WTF to do with them...

Well Flattie built a fab new shade house for Lady Cat this week, I'm just a sad ol' broken ass trying to keep up with the Flatcats. Besides, being so sick that I can't drive up there as planned this weekend to celebrate Flattie's just-passed birthday, I figured I may as well give him a chance to point and laff at my magpie impersonation here - beats the hell out of a belated birthday present of an invite to three funerals because I wrote us all off in the Gorge instead of staying in bed, where I belong.

Maybe next week I'll be able to walk again. And the tingling and numbness will leave my hands and arms and that new spastic spot in my left thigh near my hip will abate once the fevers stop triggering new MS shit and we'll be able to keep our postponement appointment at the best lil Cathouse in the West East, next weekend.

Here ya go...

Dis be one of them.

Dis be something else.

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