Saturday, August 23, 2008

A quick cuppa

I've been spasming, despite the Pams - my left hamstring, to be precise. In the absence of a specific spasticity exercise programme and because the hospital physiotherapists forgot they had me and I have to start all over again with a new Doc's referral (with associated wait time), there might be a few more days like this before I get a chance to see their new neurophysiotherapist.

Try spelling THAT right first time on Pams *snort*

So I did a bit of walking back and forward to keep it stretched and warm yesterday and moved a few concrete roof tiles from their 20 odd year home under the plum tree; today I made a new garden where they had been, moved a self sown punga in from under he laundry window, and a whole lot of various other things stashed in the Winter Heap by the fence until a new home was forthcoming. I put the huge Stilson up against the bamboo/front end loader bucket, stuck a huge old multi-tined pitchfork thingy into the bamboo and wedged the old green Raleigh 20 into the side of the bamboo clump for decoration and moved the old cast iron copper base out beside where the picnic table will go, next week, for the brazier under the plum tree, which is starting to blossom.

Then I stepped back and thought "I need a really large cuppa".

So I stopped off at the Flatcat's favourite pot-purchasing facility on the way to get Ads from planes and bought myself one. I don't have a pic, but I will tomorrow. Maybe.

I'm supposed to get my new grape vine tomorrow. I'm very excited! I'll probably love it to death and never hear the end of it.

How fucking sad is that? My only interest is a stupid bloody garden that no-one but me ever goes in... it's looking quite good though... I think you'd like it... I should find you some pics, eh...maybe make heeem into a slideshow... whaddya think?

I could do voice-overs and commentary and stuff... like me talking to the Clivia... how cool would that be, eh!!

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