Sunday, August 24, 2008


I got my new grape vine this morning. It's an old fashioned white one, sweet and juicy, currently only 5 inches tall and looking decidedly dead.

But it's not, it has lots of roots and now it's carefully planted in its new home with peat and potting mix and nice topsoil, irrigated with diluted sheep shit water, topped with a layer of woodchips, surrounded by a specially installed mowing strip of red bricks and a few stakes to put a plastic shroud over to keep it safe if it's frosty. Grape heaven.

I hope.

I told Muzz over coffee, when he brought it around that the other grapevine has thrived through the best part of 20 years utter neglect - I'll probably love this one to death with pampering.

Oooh and the plum tree is starting to blossom, the 40 plus strawberry plants are in various stages of waving happily in the breeze and the rhubarb plants are starting to poke out the nubs of new leaves. Hopefully there will be tomato and flower seedlings sprouting out in another week.

Spring is definitely here.

Flattie might not think so, but that serves him right for going down into the deep South at this time of year. I hope for his sake he packed his sporran heater, I have a feeling he might be needing it. And some long socks.

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