Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The receptionist said be there at 12.30; the letter said be there at 10.30.

At 10.20, there we were at the surgical admissions unit to check in for Ads to have his toes fixed, and for the next 90 minutes, there we stayed, in the waiting room. Just before 12 they took him to get into a gown, robe and checked all his records were correct before plonking us in the day-stay area containing people in similar gowns and robes. Hungry people; thirsty people, people who, just like Ads had been fasting since the night before in preparation for their trip to theatre today.

We read. We chatted. We got very bored, more thirsty and hungry and a ciggie would have gone down rather well. Ok, maybe not for Ads, but I wouldn't have complained.

One by one they disappeared until finally, at 3.30, there were only 2 left - Ads and a guy having his veins fixed, who had been there since 7.30am. A doctor had just inserted a lure into Ads' arm and a nurse had finally given him something for his headache. After 18 hours with no food or water, his headache was pretty bad.

And then the surgeon came out and said "I'm sorry but I've been called away to someone at the hospital up the road who is bleeding to death, I have to reschedule you two for Friday morning, if I can".

So they took his lure out, brought a cup of water, some ham sammies (sans butter) and his clothes and off home we went.

After breakfast (at 4pm), a nap and dinner (at 7.30pm), his headache finally matured into the mongrel it had been promising to be and the vomiting and shakes started. My brave soldier went back to bed, with his manky toes untouched.

Poor wee bastard, what a shitty day for nothing and he gets to start all over again tomorrow night.


I don't feel too flash, either.

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