Monday, June 30, 2008

Over it

Sick. I'm real sick and I am soooooo over this whole MS thing and all this hobbling around, waking at 4am in pain, body temp down and can't warm up, you know, shit like that. It makes me forget things, like that I have to buy milk when I pick H up from school, until I'm already miles from home and wearing an eclectic little ensemble consisting of big baggy jersey, trackies, red socks and Ads' big dark blue floppy slippers and no bra. Oops.

The Old Man reckons that sheer perversity (if not fashion sense) will keep me alive and kicking into senior years, just like it did Mum. Well he got the perverse bit right, maybe he does know me after all even if he can't remember when I was born ;-)

But he did have the temerity to mention I was "middle aged". Ha!

At least I don't look like Yoda

or Golem


PS - I thought the red socks were a bit much too...

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