Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Statistically speaking

One of my favourite server tasks was the weekly round up of web server stats, pulled from the monitoring software. They were fun, they showed you just about everything that happens on a server; incoming link url, browser, resolution and OS being used, the country of origin, who the visitor is connected with, how often they visited, how long they visited for, where they went next if they used a link from the server and even down to whether they are on dial up or some flavour of DSL and if they are using a company or academic institution gateway to access the site or an anonymous proxy.

Makes my dim little life just that much brighter to be able to use tools such as this on something like a blog and see all the same details, especially when it comes to some of the weirdos who leave spam comments and stuff only fit for deletion, like some dozey bint did just the other day. It doesn't happen often now that Blogger has grown up and allows so many choices in who can access and contribute to what on your blog, but in the old days it used to be a real spam fest some mornings.

I can see why so many companies and universities, polytechnics etc make accessing social networking sites from their network gateways verboten. With such sites usually blocked out, either an incoming visitor from one of these is very smart in a user capacity, or very dumb in an administrative role.

Space wasters, bandwidth, resource and oxygen thieves abound in large numbers! Stats for real.

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