Monday, June 23, 2008

Doctor, doctor, gimme the news

I got a bad case of clonazepam blues.

So I'm off that shit, for now anyway. Reckons a couple of weeks of more stress while the withdrawal happens, seeing as how they aren't nice pills, have a break for a month or two and try them again, see if they work then cos they sure don't work any more now and he won't up the dose any further. I wouldn't take a bigger dose anyway, I don't think.

Other option is the Baclofen again, but seeing as how I kind of need my vision to drive and stuff, that's out of the question after last time. So until I can see neuro and maybe start those IV steroids, it's heavy duty pain killers and true grit for the foreseeable future.

If this waking rigid in pain at 4am doesn't get better, it could be a very short one lol

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