Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Cocktails and ginger ale

On a day that started with a power cut before breakfast and a cat shitting inside just after breakfast, one cannot help but wonder, when other really major issues pop up as the day progressively slides downhill, which God one kicked in the nuts first in passing without even noticing.

What would be an ideal ending to such a day would be 45 clonazepam, a full bottle of high strength codeine and 60 or 80 paracetamol washed down with 16 bottles of Lion Red and a bottle of Bailey's.

Shame I haven't finished that book yet so probably can't indulge my selfish self with a cocktail tonight.

And the Bailey's is only a half size one. I've already started on it, too.


Listening to: A tape made when Mum went to a clairvoyant just a few days before she died. It's all about what is coming on the other side. I was walking around the garden outside, crying, most of the time. In 12 years, I have never listened to it until now. It has the Old Boy's writing on it - I wonder if he listened to it, too?
Reading:Nothing - my eyes are shut listening. Occasionally I open then and type shit. Like this.

Cool, eh.

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