Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Nods sagely"

I had a giggle of a chat on the phone with Mr Sagacity himself, tonight (he'll have to strut and preen at getting a special mention now - in other words, become more insufferable, if that's possible...awaits fallout). Mr S (as we shall call him) had this to say.

I have paraphrased - I can't type all the times he said "just, shut up will ya".

Anyway, in essence Mr S said that Life is about letting the day be sufficient unto itself - don't look for hiccups that you haven't created yet and maybe you won't, you know, have them. And learn the Lesson well, save the bother of repeating a class.

I think. I'm sure he will tell me if I'm wrong; he seemed most insistent that I remember what he said. After all those drugs he's lucky I can remember my name.

It's Eileen, innit?? *wanders off to torment 17 year old, cos I have one and I can*

Wish I hadn't run out of paint - and money...I want to paint the stairwell wall. Now.

Well, I've been asleep all day... painting at midnight isn't late, not for Saturday. Except I have no paint, so I can't. *sigh*


Flattie said...

Probably just as well I think.....

Tish said...

Nah, Im using the roller on the long handle, even I can't hurt myself too much with that... *note to self:- broke the roller painting the ceiling, buy new roller handle as well, a good one this time FFS*

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