Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spitting guinea pigs

I had an interesting call from a lady representing a research group investigating MS yesterday. It was to follow up to a questionnaire sent out that I never got around to filling in and returning, mainly because of the irrelevance to me of so many of the questions; the small size of the type; the difficulty in following the document and sheer can't be bothered. I'm becoming somewhat apathetic, you understand *nod*.

After we had chatted for a bit and basically done my questionnaire over the phone, she asked me if I would participate in another research project - to collect a saliva sample from 2,000 Kiwi MS people, to be added to another 8,000 other samples taken internationally for the purpose of DNA testing looking for features of commonality where ethnicity, environment etc are concerned.

So i said sure, send me the jar and I'll spit in it for ya.

Then I told her about the research project I took part in a few years ago involving a thesis and testing for cognitive changes and lapses in PWMS. She thought she might follow up that researcher's conclusions for inclusion in her own doctoral submission.

I could have a new job as a research guinea pig. Shame the pay is lousy, but the drugs might be good.

Happy April Fools day - I will post the BOP Times annual pisstake later, if it's any good.

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