Wednesday, April 2, 2008

On Silent Wings

Autumn is here - Autumn of the Soul. The days are shorter, darker, colder.

I feel blah. I'm sleeping; I'm sore; I'm tired and I'm fed up and just don't know what the Hell I want. Except to turn the master bedroom upstairs into a cave and move in. It's a shame the Oldies tooK Rudolph with them; he would have fitted right in with my design thoughts.

But I was cheered up a lot by plugging in my sister's external hard drive tonight and retrieving the rip she did from my Tina Turner in Amsterdam VHS tape - I couldn't find the DVD anywhere and I've been sat here for ages remembering why I'd looked so long for it. Because it's a ripper.

Then I recorded the live version of my favourite Tina song - Silent Wings.

Me and my wheatsack can go to bed happy now, something small but precious has been restored to me.

Maybe any day above ground IS a good day...

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