Monday, April 28, 2008


It's 3am. Again.

Happens every night, of course, but I don't get to see it every night (thank God). I am tonight, though and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because my latest project is almost finished and I know I need a rest but I don't know what I'll do to quiet my mind or maybe it's because I was short some of my pill dose tonight because I ran out. Maybe it's because my leg hurts in one place at the same time it burns in others or maybe it's my sore finger where I cut it yestoday on a rusty file but whatever the reason, it's 3am and I am up telling you about it.

Don't you feel special?

The Old Boy fixed some squeaky floor boards in the upstairs lounge yestoday and helped me put the carpet in. I told him to leave the stair lift in after all; at this rate I might need it to reach my cave. Or should that be tree house? Either way I need a DND sign for the doors. Even the kids don't bother me unless it's an emergency when the door is shut and "Do Not Disturb" is out.

Anyway, it's too soon for results from the evoked potential tests, my clonazepam has run out because of the 5x the initial dose I was taking, I'm waiting to hear about a meds change to something that might work better than the clonazepam does because it's not working enough but I'm starting to anticipate it being late enough in the day to take it and not be called out to drive anyone anywhere.

Not a good sign.

Anyway, this post was about Oggz. I love them. I have some Christmas sphere lights like them (sadly a little decrepit now) that are entwined in the arbor canopy under cover. Last Christmas they were wrapped in Alberic Barbier which is regularly pruned into a 7 foot tall standard configuration just to keep the bugger under control. Vigorous does not adequately describe this variety of rose - I have one I've sprayed half a dozen times with Round Up and the bugger still won't die. That's why we call it "Killer Rose" at home.

Back to the Oggz - I reckon they are so cool and if someone want's to donate me some, I would be suitably appreciative. They bring out the child in me. You can get them on Trade me too, called Morphing Egg Lights - Tripler and with a $49.95 Buy Now. They'd keep me amused in my treecave for hours, they would. I could have my birthday next week specially, 7 months early, just so you had a reason to buy them. Just leave me your address and I'll get back to you.

Please, think of the the children.

PS the waning gibbous moon tonight, as seen through the river fog which is lightly blanketing us is particularly eerily gibbous. A bit like a very cheap Peter Jackson movie. Cool, eh!

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