Monday, February 18, 2008

Starring me

I think Einstein might have been on to something - for every action their IS a reaction. My day out yesterday left me a blobby mess today and I hurt in places I had forgotten existed. The downside of "over doing it" is "over did it" and it's not a nice place to be when that light at the end of the tunnel dims away to a creeping, airless darkness lit by random spots of isolated hope.

So it's lucky there's a moon out tonight, innit?

And there's few things more enjoyable than sitting in the dark on a fine evening perusing those little spots of hope so isolated as to be unreachable to Humanity, at least in this generation.

If you are a star gazer at heart and only download one piece of gratuitous, hard drive gobbling free ware this year, make it this one - Stellarium. Click HERE for a direct link to the download.


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