Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Richard Cranium Awards

Today's recipients of the Richard Cranium Award:

At #3 is the turbaned taxi driver who
A. arrived to pick up a woman and child without a child car seat
B. Parked behind my car as I was backing out of my parking space
C. Loaded the woman's purchases into the car before putting her stroller in.
D. Put the stroller in the back seat with the woman and unrestrained child instead of rearranging his load.

At #2 is the woman who went out today in the heat in with her size 30+ ass poured into her size 14 black jeans and her ample 52F cleavage rolling merrily over the edge of her size 12 low cut singlet top so that more of her hung out than hung in - a definite "Too Much Information Clothing Moment".

Equal 1st place goes to the three young, able-bodied mothers of small children who parked their cars in the disabled car parks at the town Warehouse this morning, and who were not displaying a Mobility Card.

Your prize, your very own copy of this

was left on your windscreen while you were away from your vehicle.

Wear them with pride!

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