Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Horror scope

Astrology is just another of those stupid new age based wishful thinking alternatives to thinking logically for oneself.

Isn't it?

So, if that is true, how come so many people so closely match their astrological sign's major characteristics? Are we all raised on some racial memory that says "heed thy astrological charts, for thou shalt be freed from all rational thought" and in doing so conform to some ancient Spiritual force that decreed that I would quite accurately be described thus:

November 21 to December 20

Sagittarius personality traits typical of this Sun Sign

Primary Characteristics

* Affectionate
* Honest

Positive Personality Traits

* Honest and straightforward
* Intellectual and philosophical
* Jovial and good-humored
* Optimistic and freedom-loving


* Can be blindly optimistic and careless
* May be irresponsible and superficial
* May become restless
* Sometimes tactless

The above summary shows personality traits typical of this Sun Sign, however the degree any trait exhibits itself, and the presence or absence of additional personality traits as a result of other influences, can only be determined by careful review of a person's entire chart. We suggest that you use the above as a general guide only, and for more detailed (and accurate) information, get a full analysis of the person's chart.

by sheer co-incidence?

Although I do feel they did kind of understate some of my less attractive more unique qualities...

I'm dangerous when I'm dangerous.

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Flattie said...

You're dangerous period dear. Dunno if you have ever read "Super Nature" by Kyle Onstott or not. Its a scientific investigation into a lot of so called airy fairy subjects including astrology. Psychologists & astrologers were both given identical lists of occupations & birth dates & asked to match them. Scores ? Psychologists, random chance, astrologers something like 70 to 80%

Gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc - We gladly feast on those who would subdue us ...