Sunday, December 23, 2007


No, this is not a Diana Ross post, it's about maudlin shit like thinking about the year that has gone and the year to come and the making of New Year's Resolutions and lifestyle changes.

The last New Years Resolution I kept was the one that said "No More Maketh the New Year's Resolution, For In That Way Lieth Insanity". Damn straight.

With just 9 days left in this year, I figured it was time to break the rules and start thinking of some New Year's Resolutions that could in some way be achievable and start figuring out which ones could be included in the pile of sticks to be piled up over there *gesticulates* with Hit Me carved on them.

So then I started having ideas about things I would like to change and things I would like to stay the same and thought that before I do anything I had better drag out my Sz XXXL bollocks and shine them up for the occasion. And I decided that, while I was thinking about it and polishing my balls, I may as well increase the size of the family and keep myself occupied. So, today we adopted Shiloh. Without the 'H'. No, not Siloh, Shilo.

Geez some people fuck with my head, eh Tig...

Anyway, this is Shilo

Welcome to our madhouse. I hope you like catching mice, cos Tommy is fucking hopeless.

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