Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Keeping you on your toes

I can't nail down a single funny to crack about this article:

A pathologist's examination has given police fresh clues to the owner of a human foot that washed up on a Christchurch beach at the weekend.

The foot encased in an ankle sock was found by a policewoman walking her dog on Sumner Beach early on Sunday morning.

Analysis by Christchurch pathologist Martin Sage has determined the foot is probably from a male Caucasian, who wore size eight or nine shoes and kept his toenails well maintained.

Constable Steve Johnstone, of Christchurch police, said today it appeared the foot had been in the water for "weeks or months depending on the depth of water it was in before resurfacing".

He said the foot appeared to have separated from the body at the ankle joint and showed no signs of cuts or a fracture.


You'd have to be a right heel and have left all human decency behind to make jokes. Eh?


Flattie said...

Its a bit corny, but I do believe that you're right in step on this one.

Tish said...

About what I would expect from my arch rival in the pun dept.

cwnda said...

And the police investigation is proceeding one step at a time. A spokesman said 'It's sole-destroying work really. We're looking for a short person - about a foot shorter than average ....' -Ô¿Ô-

Tish said...

bahaaaahaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaa u sick individual!

Gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc - We gladly feast on those who would subdue us ...