Sunday, October 21, 2007


I'm a little bit board tonight, so I did a bit of stumbling.

I stumbled on a dream interpretation site and threw at it a dream I had the other night:

Your Dream Analysis

Your dream:
There is a fire pit in the middle of the lawn. It's all black but growing out of it is a tree in full leaf and blossom.

Dream Symbols were found in your search.
black: The color black in a dream can represent formality or authority, seriousness, basic or conservative, night or darkness, hopelessness, or depression. See also: darkness color Category: Colors Attribute
depleted: Dreaming that your cash or other resources are depleted can mean you're feeling something in your life is depleted: money, energy, health, free time, freedom, personal resources, availability of friends or social support, etc. See also: broken object empty leak hole

farming: To grow plants, farm, or raise animals on a farm can represent a real-life activity where you invest time or resources for a long-term gain. For example, a dream that you're tending your farm (which you don't have in real life) could actually represent your real-life activity of managing your stock portfolio. See also: plant planting barn sprout reap Category: Places Activities

fire: A flame or fire can represent light or life, heat, destruction, cleansing, or getting rid of the old before bringing in the new.

A fire igniting can represent a trigger or a beginning of a process likely to bring life, heat, destruction, cleansing, etc. For more clues, consider what started the fire, what it represents, and how you feel about it.
See also: flame bright light destroy illumination (light) lighter ash cigarette fireplace furnace smoke lamp accelerator sunburn Category: Objects Conditions

flower: Beauty or femininity. Producing or creating. Also, life force or life cycle. A healthy flower might represent vitality within you or a certain aspect of your life. A wilted flower might represent a low energy or life force, or the end of a cycle or process. Flowers in dreams can have many other meanings: consider what comes to mind when you think of the particular flower. See also the name of the specific flower. See also: daffodil pink rose red rose white rose yellow rose daisy carnation lily orchid garland vase lavender plant sunflower Category: Objects
getting bigger To dream that something or someone is getting bigger or growing can represent gaining more power or strength, becoming more important, more prominent in your mind, more overwhelming, or just becoming more of whatever the thing or person represents. Growing can also represent maturing, getting older, or the passage of time. See also: aging

* The idea that something is missing or something has been lost
* A flaw, irregularity, or the idea that something is not quite right
* An opening or opportunity from something to pass from one area to another, such as a person climbing through a large hole in a fence, or data leaking through a "hole" in computer security

A hole in clothing can represent a feeling of shabbiness, inferiority, or a threat to one's personal boundaries.

Being down in a hole can mean you're feeling trapped or at a "dead end" somehow in your real life.

See also: clothes bubble empty vacuum want depleted broken object breaking an object cave underground keyhole inferior leak door or entrance problem or trouble well or cistern open Category: Events Places

A leaf - as on a plant - could represent life, one aspect of your life, or personal growth or development.

Also consider the condition of the leaf:

* A brand new leaf sprout could represent a beginning or a fresh start in your life
* A wilted leaf could represent a feeling of lack, neglect, or unhappiness.
* A colorful autumn leaf could represent the end of a phase, autumn, or something you associate with autumn

See also: vine plant sprout tree Category: Objects

self: Dreaming of yourself usually represents yourself - and/or your life, desires, fears, imagination, or other aspects of yourself. Category: People

tree: Life. A tall, healthy tree is often a symbol of a flourishing, vibrant life. A diseased tree might indicate that a part of your life needs special attention or is out of balance. The state and the setting of the tree in the dream can also provide clues to its meaning. See also: plant farming orchard root stem or trunk leaf branch Christmas tree forest Category: Objects

turf: Home; playfulness or game-playing; feelings of expansiveness and no limits. Category: Objects

unconscious: A person in a coma in a dream can represent the idea of being unaware that something is going on, or "sleepwalking" through life without living meaningful. Not participating or unavailable. See also: fainting alert asleep unable to waken lose your life force Category: Conditions

Well fuck me, if that didn't just cure me of boredom completely!

So then I made up something utterly ridiculous and got this result:

Your Dream Analysis

Your dream: I have a big cock.

Dream Symbols were found in your search.
big Large size in a dream can represent power or strength, protectiveness, or a feeling of overwhelm or of things being out of control, among other meanings. For more clues, look at what the large object or person represents. The big size may just represent "a greater amount" or "an extreme" of whatever the object or person represents. For example, if a flower represents love, a huge flower might represent huge feelings of love or adoration. If a car represents personal power, then an oversized car might represent an enhanced or exaggerated feeling of personal power. See also: getting bigger size high heavy measure Category: Attribute

To hold an object can represent the following in regard to whatever the object represents:

* Continuation or maintenance
* Ownership
* Responsibility or caring
* Affection or liking

See also: hold a person restrained grasp master Category: Activities

overweight: Depends on what overweight means to you. Seeing someone as more overweight than they are in real life can mean that you're attributing to them whatever characteristics come to mind when you think of "overweight." Same for an overweight person you don't know in a dream: think of what overweight represents to you, especially in the context of this particular dream. See also: stomach skinny heavy fat Category: Attribute Conditions

rooster: Persistent vigilance, virility. Also, direct in communications - or even outspoken. To dream of a rooster usually means that these qualities are advantageous for you to have right now. Occasionally, a rooster in a dream means that you'd benefit by having less of these qualities right now. A rooster can also represent a person who you feel is showing these qualities. See also: communication Category: Animals
self Dreaming of yourself usually represents yourself - and/or your life, desires, fears, imagination, or other aspects of yourself. Category: People

The Bible is wrong , the Devil does not make work for idle hands, he makes bloody dream interpretation websites! Now I need a website to interpret my interpretation. I wonder who makes those?

PS - you didn't really read all that crap, did you? Hell, I didn't!

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