Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I am sick of looking at bloody computers. That's all I have done for weeks. Make up a quick and dirty old boat anchor for the Old Man to replace his that's blown the power supply and the motherboard; Build one for Beryl (unfinished); Tidy up Flattie's one and install some games; Pick up a bargain at the Seagull shop and install XP on it to start building a new PC for the Old Man; spend a day and half a night trying to get Mark's PC running again; fix the kids PC after I broke it trying to get data off Mark's hard drive in a hurry; Look at Deb's broken Compaq laptop - it's a shop job (whew, it's also bloody Vista); get Deb's new Toshiba laptop configured to use in a hurry - oops, it's Vista too, but it's supposed to be XP; get XP installed on laptop; race through 5 o'clock traffic to retrieve laptop from shop; configure laptop and install stuff.

Still to come this week - teach Deb how to make a newsletter and try to figure out why her desktop will dial up to the internet here but not at her place.

I've gone right off computers. I have.

I've gone right off everything really, or had done until we got $86 in Lotto and I spent it on buying paint to get on with upstairs cos that's what I asked the Universe for the other say and now it's provided it, I better follow through if I want more stuff to appear like that, eh! Next week is Round Two in Vic's Nan's garden, destroying 50 years of jungle to salvage plants before they all get sprayed. Instant garden, my idea of "ooooooooooh baby!".

I have lots more stuff I want to "appear" - a nice BBQ is next lol.

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