Friday, July 18, 2008

Men and paws

After 9 days of pampering and fussing, this evening Matey went home. But not before he had one last cuddle on Ad's lap.

Sad wee puppy, eh.

Speaking of sad, in honour of the Old man's big birthday this weekend, we all went out for dinner at the local buffet tonight with some of the out of town rellies. When we rolled up to the location, the kids Sperm Donor was standing outside by the front doors, waiting for his latest chicky to show up. So we had a chat for a few minutes and I asked what happened to last month's lady (they had a "parting" *rolls eyes*), then we wandered on inside to await the rest of the dinner party leaving him to his own waiting. Lucky fellow, he got to chat to his ex-father in law and ex aunt and uncle in law a few minutes after his conversation with his ex wife and ex kids while waiting for his current whatever.

An hour and a half later, as we were ending our meal and about to leave the restaurant, he and his lady walked in and were shown to a booth right next to our table. Of course the rellies, being the polite people they are, said good night to him and wished him a pleasant evening and the kids, being the polite and well raised pair that they are, insisted on going around that side of the table to say 'bye to dad on their way out and so got introduced to this week's conquest.

Taught them well, didn't I!

While we were waiting at the cashier's desk, I happened to cast my glance around in time to spot SD now sitting beside his lady friend and snogging her. When I looked back the other way, I saw my uncle watching it with a look of utter distaste on his his face and I cracked up laughing.

As I said to the kids in the car a few minutes later, I didn't really think a family restaurant was the place for tonsil hockey at 8 o'clock on a Friday night, not when tongue wasn't even on offer on tonight's buffet.

Timing is everything, don't you think? And his couldn't get much worse.


Flattie said...

Do ya think he would want egg with that ? For his face ??? Ohhh my...

mdmhvonpa said...

Totally uncouth! Here is to my lucky stars that I will never find myself in that position!

Morticia said...

Hiya stranger :-) Hope things are all good in your corner of the Universe. I'll drop by for a catch up read soon!

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