Tuesday, October 14, 2008

RatFinks and Rad Cars

I was reading a V8 Cars magazine at the tyre shop whilst getting some new rubber this morning and came across an article about a Porsche somewhere with a fucking huge donk planted in the back seat and a heat shield designed and finished to look like some flash, over-priced leather luggage, followed not long after by an article about the delightfully asymmetrical Orbitron.

Rad, eh! It's about as old as I am and created by Ed Roth, cartoonist, hot-rodder and a pioneer in automotive fibreglassing.

I especially like the additive colour mixing in the right hand headlight set up and if you don't know how that all works, this might help

this is subtractive colour mixing where you sort of start with white and take it all away until only black is left in the centre

and additive colour mixing where the opposite happens, you start off with black and work inwards to white

At night, it's dark outside, right? So where the three colours meet becomes a white area or beam. Cool eh!

Anyway, if you followed that first link, you could have seen pics of the car when it was eventually unearthed, employed as a rubbish skip outside an adult book store in Mexico and can move on to the Mysterion. If not, click it here, go look and stop pissing around then maybe you can keep up :-)


PS and I thought collecting up all my peg people

lurking all over the house and making a hanging thingy for the garden was pretty cool...


Flattie said...

The "Big Daddy" was way cool. Where do ya think I got my "Rat Fink" addiction from? Not so sure about Peg People but...

I has a bucket! said...


Gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc - We gladly feast on those who would subdue us ...