Saturday, August 30, 2008


I took Muzz to the Pot Shop this morning. I resisted the very strong urge to spend money - he did not. He bought an egg.

It's browns and blacks; it's ceramic and glazed. It serves no earthly use other than to exist and it's really rather cool. We put it in his garden, then we went upstairs and had a cup of tea. From the deck it was obvious the Egg needed to be moved 4 inches forward to be balanced and take advantage of the positive chi from the north. I scavenged a piece of Hebe to grow, scored some lovely irises and set him on a path of building a pergola to carry his white grapes on, one of which is budding. Mine is still a twig. Then we talked Bonsai, which gave me an idea for my archway and something else I want to grow. Etc.

All in all it was the best day I've had in a very long time. I needed it.

Because H is at Woowis's house tonight, Ads and I had mini pizzas made on turkish bases for dinner (YUM!) and I had my pills and I was so tired I went off to bed during the Simpsons (about 7ish) and Ads woke me up at 10.30 when he went to bed. I was so disoriented I had to ask him whether that was daytime 10.30 or night time. This doing minor, ordinary stuff during the day just kills me.

There was more I was going to post but my pills just kicked me hard again and I'm fucked. I gotta stop. No wonder, really, I maxed out on everything again tonight.



... a few hours later....

Well, now it's 4.44am and I'm awake again. Cos I hurt. I thought I may as well finish the post while I sit here with a couple of wheat sacks easing the spasms.

Before Muzz and I went off buying eggs, we dropped Ads at Classic Flyers and Muzz took a few photos and videos, one of them has ME in it, the swine. He knows I don't DO photos and videos, I just take them. You aren't getting to see that vid. What you can see is a pic of Ads though

posing on the wing of one of the Harvards. He's talking about getting a learner's pilots licence and I told him get off his bum, swot up and get his bloody car learner's and then we'll discuss it. Of course, that means I'll be simultaneously teaching 3 teenagers to drive (and two of them boys, I always hated teaching boys, back in my instructor days). No no, don't send sympathy cards, send cash - I'll need it for the chocolate supplies when they lock me up in my little padded room in the nut house. I hope they have lots of wheat sacks...

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