Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Excrement occurs

I've been dabbling with sheep shit pellets, for the vege garden you understand and now I need some horse shit to go with it. Strawberries and rhubarb love shit and this is where they will be living in it.

There was shitty traffic this morning as, once more, the roading repair gang, in its infinite wisdom coned off a main commuter route during peak traffic to start the days work on a trench they are digging across the road. That's two days running they have done that in the same place. I think they might have shit in their heads, although even a shit head should be able to wait until 9.10am when the rush disappears to start work. What's an extra 40 minute wait compared with the congestion they cause, hmmm?

There was shit flying when I dropped Ad's bed on my foot this morning (don't ask) and a few other expletives. Not enough noise to get Tommy out of bed, although I think I broke my foot cos shit it hurts.

Things got a bit shittier when my washing machine broke about lunchtime. Tommy left the building after that.

There is plenty of shit happening for Living Art Wildlife Park, with a mortgagee sale looming tomorrow. Having been friends with these very special people for 20 years, it makes me feel pretty shitty, too. They featured on Campbell Live tonight. The video is here or YouTube

Then there is the shit that the Flatcats have, as previously mentioned.

I'm not frequently brought down by stuff like this, but I've been forced back onto the clonazepam at a more frequent dose than I like and apart from the deep depression it rapidly brings on, I still spend half the night wandering the house in pain and that makes me feel like shit all day. It's not like there's going to be any respite soon. If at all.

Life really is shit sometimes. In lots of nasty ways.


UPDATE: Living Art gets to live one more month with a court ordered stay of execution and a halt to the auction, just minutes before it was scheduled to begin. Now all that's needed is a rich philanthropist with a burning desire to save the world, one wildlife park at a time and starting here.

Or tomorrow night's Powerball numbers. Either would be good right about now.


Flattie said...

What can I say but aaahhh shit....

I has a bucket! said...

Exactly lol

cwnda said...

Shit, you have a wonderful way with words -Ô¿Ô- 

I has a bucket! said...

Shit yes ;-)

Gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc - We gladly feast on those who would subdue us ...