Saturday, July 5, 2008

Windy and insane

It's windy and rainy and cold and snowing on the Kaimais. I don't remember an occasion in my lifetime where the Kaimai Rd has been closed by snow and ice, but tonight it is. This is the Sunny Bay, we don't DO snow and ice.

We are more the sea, sun, surf place, eh.

The Springboks didn't like the snow in Wellington tonight, they lost to us at the rugby.

Speaking of surf, I had never thought about the existence of wave pools until tonight and now I am fascinated by the extraordinary lengths people will go to just to get wet.

My dislike of getting wet is the stuff of blogging Legend, I'm sure I must have drowned in a previous lifetime. Probably in a Roman wave pool. Like this, but older, hmm?

I don't think the Romans knew about Japan or the Western world might have ended up predominantly Shinto instead of Catholic.

PS - Ads asked the surgeon if the bleeding-to-death person the other day lived. The surgeon said "yes". Ads said "good". Kids really do say the darndest things.

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