Monday, July 14, 2008

Now and den

I'm a bit glum; I seem to have reached one of those points in life where change is needed but motivation (or guts) to do so is lacking. The crap weather lately hasn't helped. But even pottering in the garden today, sweeping, weeding and spreading wood chips in the sun, couldn't shift me from a sense of impending change. A desire for change.

I wandered around the upstairs again today looking at the space and thinking how nice it might be to finish the redecorating and shift all my stuff up here and hibernate for a while in the Refuge. I could just ignore the front door and plead old age and deteriorating hearing as the reason I didn't answer it. Knowing my luck, the minute I did that the Oldies would want to move back in and I'd have moved all my furniture for nothing.

Once the Old Man's big birthday bash is over this weekend, I think I'll just curl up on the couch for a few weeks and make the lounge up here my winter den. There's a lot less effort required for that. I always was a lazy bitch, apparently :0)

Besides, Ads has taken over the big den for his layout and I ain't gonna get any peace in there.

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