Thursday, June 5, 2008


What is it with the word "west"? The best show on TV is about a family named West who are, er, Westies; Annie Lennox sang a song for one of the LOTR movies that was all about going into the west. In 1604, John Webster and Thomas Dekker wrote a play called Westward Ho! (which incidentally happens to be the name of half a dozen places and golf courses (golf courses???)) and Galadriel said she would "diminish and go into the west". Mind you, LOTR had Easterlings as well, so I guess Tolkien at least evened that one up. In The Wizard of Oz the wicked witch came from the west, and southpaws are only that if they are facing West. Even household appliances aren't safe. Hands up who's NOT heard of Westinghouse, hmmm?

The sun sets in the west; young men were exhorted to "go west" by John B. L. Soule in 1851. The Poms went west in their wee ships to find the New World, and later on went further west in search of land and adventure and freedom from whatever it was they wanted liberation from and even more of them "went west" when they blew up/fell down/generally expired during wars and shit.

I should go west, that seems to be where my life has gone, except that west is Hamilton and they have needles there, not nice ones, either. Even further west is Australia and that's worse; it's full of Austruckingfalians, and you know what THAT means, eh cobber. There's Oz again AND associated with west.

I'm not coping with anything today and to top it off, to get out of this room I have to walk to... the west.

I haven't the heart to check tomorrow's weather forecast, it'll likely be westerlies.


If you find any major grammatical or spelling errors in this post, just suck it up; I'm 10 feet wide and mulletproof pulletproof and not afraid to abuse it. The pills will do that to ya.


Flattie said...

Alliteration is a wonderful westward gift, & one not to be taken lightly..

Tish said...

Heavy, brother.

Gorgiamus allos subjectatos nunc - We gladly feast on those who would subdue us ...