Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Paint it red

I had this vision, after the oldies moved out, that I wanted to redecorate upstairs and jazz things up in ways I haven't done before. I decided on a feature wall in each room some different colour to what a wall usually is and everything else white.

So I started cleaning up the lounge after 20ish years of screws in walls, nails in walls, push pins in walls, shelves added, shelves removed, holes where the chair went into the wall, another fucking big hole where something else went and 5 really ugly 70's dark woodgrain Melteca kitchen cupboard doors over some cupboards added at some time... you get the picture, eh. I've been working away at it for a month or more, cos ya got to prep, eh, and then instead of saving it for him like I was going to, thought "bugger it" and I spent a hundred and bought dark red paint, and lots of white paint. He said he didn't want it, after all.

The next day, the old boy brought back a huge suitcase full of some of Mum's rugs that she used to make to keep herself from going completely bananas once she became all but housebound, and inside was a neat rug with a dark red border, green ivy twining on a white background and I thought "wall hanging on the red wall". Two days later I realised that she'd sewed a pocket cross what is obviously the top of the mat for to slide a rod through, to hang up on a wall, as a wall hanging...

Now, I got a dark red wall. I got no holes in the walls. I got dark green window and door frames, soon will have dark green skirting boards and I got a real hate on for gib-stopping and sanding and painting.

I never did like painting. Wasn't to keen on sanding, either. Or gib-stopping.

But I got a new cave!!

And what a cave it is, or will be very soon. Then I'll move on to the big bedroom and create a guest room, so finally I can have guests and offer them a bed. I reckon doing it all will take me 6 months. If I suddenly cease to post, I've probably fallen asleep in a can of paint and pigmented myself to death.

It should save on embalming, not that you'd embalm someone destined for the big spit roast up at the Crem, would you?

PS actually getting the red paint is a post all of its own...

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