Saturday, March 22, 2008

On being unburdened

I have been thinking since I had the lumbar puncture. I had plenty of time while that fluid dripped out to set in locomotion a far reaching train of thought.

Just how far will I go to fight MS, and at whose cost?

So far, it's cost my sister in terms of $$, my father in terms of supplying a car at short notice, the kids in terms of resources when I'm running off to visit neurologists in other cities, Wonderboy in terms of time and support trotting me to appointments out of town (on top of what he has done to my section, all in the name of friendship) and incur the dog (and the house account) pain when she gets run over looking for me on my travels to see other neurologists.

That's a lot of burden, eh, all so that I can have a future full of "fillers". I get to be sick, every one else gets to pay for it.

But I also get to have the frozen marshmallow Easter Eggs :0)

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Flattie said...

Friends just DO things for the ones they love. Ledger keeping doesn't even get a look in in XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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