Saturday, March 29, 2008

Calling Pam

Clonazepam apparently has a long half life and is 20 times as powerful as diazepam. Because of the addictive nature of it I'm only allowed 2 x 0.5mg a day. Two isn't cutting the mustard, stopping the backache, de-spasming the spasm. In short, I still fucking hurt. But if I take the slow release codeine, I get weird and woozy and not fit to function, or cook, or drive. But I'm sleepy anyway when I take them and people keep waking me up. It's annoying.

So, take the painkillers and the antispasmodic and be trashed all the time, or put up with the pain from the spasm and just take extra pain relief. All I want to do is sleep, and I can't lie down without it hurting.

Mind you, I can't play the piano, either, and that pains me too.

I also nearly killed Nushie yesterday by treating an abscess with Tea Tree Oil, something I have used on her many times in the past. This time her whole face swelled up and became hot and solid and she was very distressed. 4 minutes of googling showed that I had 2 safe remedies already in the house and now she is a little swollen still but appears to be feeling much better and ate a big tea. I won't be putting that on her again.

It pains me that I caused her such pain. She loves me anyway.

(This post has been edited 17 times, those clonazepam are a typo-bitch)

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