Friday, November 16, 2007

Clever with his hands

I like being handy with my hands. I like people who are handy with their hands. I like things that have been manipulated by hand, created by hand.

I guess you could say that I like a good hand job, but that wouldn't come out right, would it, so I guess you'd better not.

One of the recent songs playing on radio and TV is Apologize by Timberland. Fabulous little song. And because I knew you would be anxious to catch up to Moi where being chic is concerned, I thought you should have a head start on those without the savoir-faire to read my blog. Who says I don't give a shit about my readers, eh?

Oh, I didn't, did I? Really? Shit.

So here is a man with the sort of ability with his hands that I never even dreamt of in my unfulfilled quest to become a mediocre guitarist. He is credited as David Sides.


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